The Untapped Benefits of Community Engagement Software for Your Government Consulting Firm

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Are you leaving money on the table with your on-call clients? See how consultants are leveraging community engagement software to offer more services, build long-lasting relationships, and boost their bottom line.

Do These Common Concerns Sound Familiar? 

Winning an on-call RFP can mean big business for government consulting firms — especially when working on an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) basis.

However, consultants may be missing out on maximizing their on-call work for two reasons:

    1. Clients having multiple on-call consultants, which creates competition for work.
    2. Another firm has a stronger relationship.

Not maximizing a won on-call RFP work could mean falling short on financial projections and weaken client relationships.

Worse, these problems perpetuate: If a client hasn’t hired you for on-call work recently then they haven’t had the opportunity to see your value – and because they haven’t seen your value, they become less likely to call on you.

The Perfect Solution for Consultants: Community Engagement Software + On-Call Work

Many government agencies know they need a holistic community engagement software to accomplish their goals and increase efficiency. However, they often face one of two problems:

    1. Their budget does not have a line item for community engagement software.
    2. Budget for community engagement software has been approved, but a cumbersome procurement process is delaying what they need right now.

That’s where on-call consultants get to be the hero. With the right scope of work, written to include community engagement software, consultants can deliver what their clients need and build lasting relationships.

Two Reasons Why Community Engagement Software is Good for Your Clients and Your Consulting Firm

1. Go above and beyond what other firms are offering.

A recent national survey found that 85% of residents across the US believe their local government has a responsibility to provide accessible ways for the community to engage. The problem? There are so many different tactics for reaching and engaging residents.

By offering your client community engagement software, you can enable continuity and process across all engagement efforts.  Not only that, you can also coach and lead your agency client to understand the power of strong reporting and closing the feedback loop to boost engagement and public trust.

These capabilities put you in control of accruing more billable hours to the mutual benefit of your client and your firm.

2. Creates an annual opportunity for your firm.

Community engagement software is licensed annually. If you can use your on-call contract as a funding source for engagement software, you might find yourself in a position to support the client on an annual basis, fostering a lasting relationship and generating income for your company.

It’s common practice to include a license management/processing fee of 10% or more. While there may be a bit of paperwork involved, there is no doubt that licensing engagement software to your clients will add to your business’s bottom line.

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