Elevating Transit Engagement: PublicInput Custom Links and QR Codes

Using Custom Links and QR Codes for Data-Driven Community Engagement


Are you a transportation or transit planner looking to boost community engagement but find it challenging to measure what’s effective? PublicInput has a solution that can help you track and segment participants based on their engagement sources.

Imagine being able to identify which outreach methods are driving the most participation or segment participants based on how they discovered your initiative. With PublicInput’s custom links and QR code features, you can do just that with ease. Here’s how it works:

Tracking Performance: create unique links and/or QR codes for different outreach materials like postcards, mailings, or signs. This allows you to track the performance of each specific effort and understand which ones are generating the most interest and engagement.

Segmenting Participants: by sharing these custom links/QR codes with various community groups, you can automatically segment participants based on their affiliation. For example, by a creating custom link/QR code and segment based on the blue line bus stops and sharing it with residents interested in that route would automatically categorize them as ‘Blue Line Riders.’

Measuring Social Media Impact: PublicInput’s custom links/QR codes also help you measure participation results from social media posts. By assigning unique links to different social media campaigns, you can determine which platforms and strategies are most effective in driving engagement.

Let’s look at an example of how PublicInput custom links can enhance transit engagement:

Generate a custom link/QR code and segment for the blue line bus stops, in order to highlight this particular transit route.

Residents engage with the project using the unique blue line link, indicating their interest in this specific aspect of the transit system.

PublicInput automatically categorizes these participants as ‘Blue Line Riders,’ allowing for targeted communication and analysis of their feedback and preferences.

Curious to see more?  Learn how PublicInput can revolutionize your planning efforts using our centralized system. 

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