What’s New: Enhanced Multilingual Email Features

Translated Email

PublicInput has launched enhanced multilingual email capabilities within the Email Campaign Builder. This new addition, known as “Translation,” is now accessible to all PublicInput clients with Email tab access.

The process is straightforward: simply drag the new Translation building block into your email’s content and utilize the user-friendly pop-up editor. PublicInput will automatically retrieve your default languages, the ones your organization uses most frequently, and seamlessly incorporate them into your email content. These language preferences are configured within your account settings, and account managers have the flexibility to add or modify language options in the account settings tab. This adaptability allows you to cater to your specific needs, effortlessly.

Multilingual Email Campaign - Product Shot

But that’s not all. We understand that there may be concerns about leaving certain communities behind. That’s why we’re offering an alternative solution. Our Default Footer block includes a “Translate” link accompanied by a small globe icon. Clicking this link opens a comprehensive list of over 200 languages for participants to choose from. This feature leverages the power of Google Translate, a tool continually advancing thanks to the use of cutting-edge AI technologies for translation. We are transitioning from a limited feature set to one that encompasses nearly every available language, all powered by machine translation. This marks a substantial leap forward in promoting equity and inclusivity in community engagement.

Want to explore these features further? Watch our video with PublicInput CEO Jay Dawkins below, or get in touch with us for a personalized demonstration to kickstart your multilingual email campaigns.

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