Navigating Public Engagement: A Deep Dive into Wood Rodgers’ Success with PublicInput

Wood Rodgers, a leader in engineering consulting and a certified partner of PublicInput, has set itself apart by seamlessly incorporating PublicInput’s community engagement software into its outreach strategies. This collaboration has proven transformative, giving Wood Rodgers a competitive edge and enhancing their ability to provide exceptional services to clients.

In a recent interview with Bryan Gant, Principal Engineer at Wood Rodgers, we uncover six significant ways in which PublicInput has empowered the firm to deliver adaptable and efficient outreach services:

1. Cost-Effective Solution

PublicInput’s scalability makes it a cost-effective solution for Wood Rodgers. The platform’s swift deployment of outreach tools has substantially reduced the time required, directly influencing cost savings. The ability to scale quickly justifies the license fee, making PublicInput an efficient and cost-effective solution for the firm.

“The time to deploy outreach tools is significantly reduced in a business where time is of the essence.”

2. Time Savings and Increased Capacity

Wood Rodgers has experienced significant time savings in project timelines and staff hours through PublicInput’s integration. The shift from in-house tools to PublicInput has allowed multiple staff members to engage in outreach development and tracking, expanding the overall capacity of the team.

“PublicInput has increased our capacity to deploy outreach tools and track public responses.”

3. Improved Work Product

PublicInput has expanded the range of outreach services and techniques offered by Wood Rodgers. The suite of tools available in one platform has streamlined the process, allowing the team to concurrently offer a variety of outreach services with minimal start-up time. This has ultimately improved the quality and efficiency of the work product delivered to clients.

“PublicInput expands the range of outreach services and techniques we offer our clients.”

4. Increased Public Engagement

Wood Rodgers has observed a notable increase in public engagement and participation compared to other methods or platforms used in the past. The quick deployment time of PublicInput allows the firm to implement engagement across multiple audiences concurrently. The ability to replicate, manage, and track surveys to specific target audiences provides granular, real-time feedback, enhancing the overall effectiveness of public engagement efforts.

“The quick deployment time has expanded our ability to implement engagement to multiple audiences concurrently.”

5. Enhanced Stakeholder Involvement

PublicInput has played a pivotal role in enhancing stakeholder involvement in public projects compared to traditional methods. A recent transportation project exemplifies this, where a community survey was deployed to inform study development. PublicInput enabled the tracking of over 13 notification methods, providing insights into which methods effectively engaged the community and facilitated informed decision-making.

“PublicInput allowed our team to quickly scale and track the effectiveness of all notification methods, understanding what the community best responded to.”

6. Data-Driven Decision-Making

PublicInput’s platform has significantly contributed to more informed and data-driven decision-making processes for Wood Rodgers’ projects. In a specific transportation project, the data insights gathered allowed the outreach team to identify effective methods for engaging underserved communities. Real-time reactions to this data ensured that survey participation was reflective of the diverse study area community, showcasing the platform’s influence on project outcomes.

“PublicInput has allowed our outreach team to get more granular.”

Incorporating PublicInput’s community engagement software has not only enhanced Wood Rodgers’ project outcomes but has also positioned them as leaders in their field. By leveraging the platform’s versatility, quick deployment, and data-driven insights, Wood Rodgers continues to surpass expectations and set new standards for effective public engagement. As they navigate competitive pursuits, their investment in PublicInput ensures they remain at the forefront of innovation, securing their position as industry leaders.

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