Collaborative Democracy eBook Now Available!

We are excited to share our newest eBook available for download now! 

Collaborative Democracy is Trending: The Evolution of Public Sector Decision-Making

Within the pages of this eBook you will find a primer on collaborative democracy, elaborating on the modern day evolution of public sector decision making, trends and drivers transforming government, and an examination of a unified approach to public engagement that utilizes technology to empower government and people. Here is a sneak peak of what’s inside!  The Evolution of Decision-Making   Democracy is an emergent phenomenon that evolves and changes over time.  Amid the constant and ever-present circumstances of change, collaborative democracy is the next phase in the evolution of democracy itself.  When we zoom out over the historical trend line from anarchy to democracy, this evolution looks like this:    Collaborative democracy, as the next phase in the evolution of democracy, will be enabled not through more conflict, but rather through technological innovation.   Government Processes Are Transforming   The Collaborative Democracy eBook takes a closer look at transformational drivers impacting processes, which have the potential to change the very fabric of the business of government based on the connections between research and practice identified by IBM Center for The Business of Government.    The culmination of IBM research conducted among current and former government leaders identifies seven drivers for transforming government in the years to come.  The Collaborative Democracy eBook applies four of these drivers to interpret the future of public engagement: one of the government’s most important success components.. 

Agility – Adopting new ways for government to operate, using agile principles and putting user experiences and program results at the forefront

Engagement – Fostering a citizen-driven government through real-time, interactive input and feedback to engage, co-create, and co-produce services and programs 

Insight –  increased reliance on data, evidence and analytics to create insights that influence decision making, actions and results. Evidence-based policy and decision-making.

Effectiveness – Applying enterprise approaches to achieve better outcomes, operational efficiency and a leaner government 

Seven Drivers Transforming Government 

Technology Is Expanding Our Reach   The Collaborative Democracy eBook builds upon the transformational elements impacting government by sharing the PublicInput forward looking view about how a major shift in public engagement approaches fueled by technology has the capacity to revolutionize the way public institutions and their engagement practitioners conduct business.   Want to know more?  Download your free copy now!

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