Instantly add industry leading technology, capability, and efficiency to your team

Licensed Partners equip their teams to stand out from the competition.

PublicInput Certified Partner

Join Licensed Partners From Firms Like:

Cameron Engineering
Moffatt and Nichol
Pyatt Group
RASOR Marketing
The Kleingers Group

Why Become A PublicInput Licensed Partner

Licensed partners acquire PublicInput to empower teams from an office, department, or even practice-wide without incurring software development or maintenance expenses.

Benefit #1: Savings

Massive savings versus in-house technology development.

Benefit #2: ROI

Maximum ROI with no engagement or project limits.

Benefit #3: Speed

Fast project deployment through standardization and templates.

Benefit #4: Marketing

Dibs on co-marketing, webinar, and other opportunities.

Benefit #5: Revenue

Add software fees to your scope and fee proposals and create revenue for your firm.

How to Get Started as a PublicInput Licensed Partner

Meet with the PublicInput partners team to discuss the platform and ensure fit for your teams needs.

Book a demo and product review discussion to get deeper questions answered.

Book a pricing and onboarding discussion.

License execution.

Meet your Success and Account Managers.

Onboarding kickoff and team training.

Are You the Right Fit for the PublicInput Licensed Partner Program?

The best fit firms:

Work with government agencies, 

→ Take on community outreach, public involvement, or communications tasks, 

→ Are looking for a scalable edge in the market, 

→ Are ready to invest in their firm and people. 

Partner Program

Frequently Asked Questions About the Licensed Partner Program

What’s the difference between this program and the other partner programs?

Since project licensing is not required, this program provides your team with the suite of PublicInput tools to leverage on each of their efforts in the most cost-effective and streamlined manner. While there are options to leverage PublicInput to create revenue for your firm, it is not the core focus of this program. The focus is instead on equipping and investing into your firm and teams to support superior performance.

Is this program open to all consulting firms?

Yes. Firms big and small can access and benefit from this program.

What can I expect as a Licensed Partner?

Besides having access to the latest in engagement technology, you can also expect access to PublicInput Support and Success teams to help your teams do their best work.  You will also be assigned an Account Manager to help you make the most of your investment. So you can expect a partner, not just a product. 

Not Sure If Becoming A Licensed Partner is Right For You?

Check out our other Partner Program options.

PublicInput Certified Partner

Engage using standard survey question formats that you’re used to with consumer survey tools. From the single and multi-select, to Likert, slider, and text input formats, you’ve got the basics covered.