Make the most of your contracts and foster client relationships by helping them adopt PublicInput

Reseller Partners do just that, they resell PublicInput creating annual revenue for their business. Some Partners also create billable hour opportunities at the same time.

PublicInput Certified Partner

Why Become A PublicInput Reseller Partner

It’s all about growing in the way you serve your clients. The PublicInput platform provides many benefits to government agencies but procurement can sometimes be a bear.

Through existing relationships and contracts…

Resellers are able to help the agency procure the technology and, in many cases, provide professional services to aid in the adoption and value gained by the agency through the PublicInput platform.

Becoming a PublicInput Reseller Partner is Simple

Reach out to the Partners team.

Discuss the platform and explore if the Reseller Partner option is right for you and your team.

Are You the Right Fit for the PublicInput Reseller Partner Program?

The best-fit firms:

→ Work with government agencies, 

→ Often have existing contracts and relationships with agencies, 

→ Often have a professional service focus to their business.

Partner Program

Frequently Asked Questions About the Reseller Partner Program

What’s the difference between this program and the other partner programs?

This program is focused on teaming to serve government clients by helping them procure and deploy the PublicInput platform. Most of the other Partner programs are focused on leveling up the consultant through the use of PublicInput. In this case, partners become the hero often by recommending PublicInput by also by helping the agency procure and adopt. 

Could I resell for only one deal or is this a long-term partnership?

While we prefer long-term relationships. If you have an opportunity and feel reselling might be the right win-win-win approach please reach out to the Partners team to discuss.

Could I function in more than one type of Partner program?

Certainly.  In certain situations, a Licensed Partner may want to act as a referral partner or reseller. Not a problem. You’ll just need to discuss the situation with the Partnerships team. 

Not Sure If Becoming A Reseller Partner is Right For You?

Check out our other Partner Program options.

PublicInput Certified Partner

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