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Referral Partners are able to create revenue for their business without executing and managing the licensing contract with the client.

PublicInput Certified Partner

Benefits of the Referral Partner Program


Referral Partners assist government agencies in licensing PublicInput and for that assistance, they earn revenue for their business through PublicInput.


PublicInput supports Referral Partners by leading product demonstration and deal management.

How to Become a PublicInput Referral Partner

Meet with our Partners Team to discuss the platform and ensure fit for your teams needs.

Review the referral partner agreement.

Book a demo and product review discussion.

Book a call to discuss details in depth.

Sign the referral partner agreement.

Start pursuing opportunities!

Are You the Right Fit for the PublicInput Referral Partner Program?

 The best Referral Partners have relationships with state and local government agencies.  They are looking for ways to foster and serve those relationships while also creating revenue for their business. 

Partner Program

Frequently Asked Questions About the Referral Partner Program

What’s the difference between this program and the other partner programs?

Unlike other partnering options, this program creates the opportunity to earn a commission by helping PublicInput create relationships and begin licenses with state and local government agencies. 

Could I function in more than one type of Partner program?

Certainly. In certain situations, a Referral Partner may want to act as a Reseller Partner. Not a problem. You’ll just need to discuss the situation with the Partnerships team.

What can I expect as a Referral Partner?

After the execution of the partnership agreement, the partnerships team will be a resource to help you and your team create, qualify, and foster opportunities.  Oh, and of course, revenue for your business. 

Not Sure If Becoming A Referral Partner is Right For You?

Check out our other Partner Program options.

PublicInput Certified Partner

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